Covid-19 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

To track the effects of COVID, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help provide meaningful insight into the impact that the disease is having around the nation and world and help countries with emerging infections to anticipate upcoming trends.

The rate of deaths varies widely between countries. If Arkansas cannot successfully control the outbreak, Covid-19 c

The rate of deaths varies widely between countries. If Arkansas cannot successfully control the outbreak, Covid-19 could make it into the top 10 leading causes of death in the state for the year.

Covid-19’s Effects Over Time

As spread patterns emerge in countries that were impacted by the virus earlier, other local and federal government entities can look to these to provide patterns that will indicate when it is safe to stop relying on preventing the spread of the disease.

The weekly trend of Covid-19 deaths in the United States continued to rise at an alarming pace through the first week of April.

The case fatality rate varies between countries. Some of this variation may be due to the differences in testing.

The case fatality rate does seem to correlate to the level of development, as assessed by the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI). However, even countries classified as highly/very highly developed have case-fatality rates >3%.

When assessing Arkansas’s hospital capacity, there appears to be plenty of capacity. However, depending on the patient's average length of stay for Covid-19, this could get strained.

Certain demographics appear to be harder hit when looking at confirmed cases, showing that cases vary by race and age group. Specific directives and interventions may be targeted at these population segments.

Text mining and sentimental analysis using twitter data as of May 2020

Based on the data and sentiments that we have collected from the hashtag #Stayathome we have found that twitter users are looking to end the stay at home order and go against the advice of the CDC. There are always conspiracy theorists in every situation that the government is involved in. The beauty of social media is that it gives any and everyone a voice, this can also be an ugly blemish when it comes to matters of health and the government.

As a marketer looking to debunk the conspiracy theorists on social media the approach would come in two separate sections. It would involve putting out the cold hard facts or evidence that has been found true about the virus through research and medical examination. The second portion would come in the form of testimonials from COVID-19 patients, survivors, and first responders.

The campaign may start with the research and facts symptoms, or how social gatherings of more than 10 could cause the virus to spread. This would then be followed by a video testimonial of a patient, doctor, or nurse explaining how they or a patient of theirs contracted the virus. Facts could be presented on the death rate, and doctors and nurses could tell a patient’s story. All of this would, of course, follow the guidelines of patient confidentiality of course. This could also be expanded to family members of patients. The campaign should also invite users to come in and share their stories and what they are doing to stay safe.

The purpose of this campaign would first be to give the facts, the second would be to “pull at the heartstrings” of users. This campaign would not only give the facts of the virus, but this would also let users know that the virus is real and that it is affecting real everyday people just like them.

In the analysis data, there are 661 negatively charged tweets and 62 very Negative tweets, this accounts for a greater sum or largest parts of our data. With this, we have found that many users are feeling negative about the stay at home order. We as a team would recommend that we continue to follow the stay at home order and follow a plan of action to sway users to realize that the stay at home order is best. We believe that our social media campaign will allow users to see that this virus is real, harmful, and can be controlled if social distancing and isolation are practiced.



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